Bucket List

Recently while browsing and cleaning up my desktop I found an old bucket list that I had created in 2009 before having a family. After a good laugh, I was inspired to create a new family bucket list for us to check off! As time goes on, I'm hoping to cross these things off the list as well as add more things to it! I was pleased to see that my original bucket list had quite a few things crossed off (like, "Become a mother!") and I'm excited to work on this list!

Wagner Family Bucket List!

1. Go to a drive in movie as a family!
2. Go to Disneyland and/or Disney World!! (Hopefully, multiple times!)
3. Play in the rain.
4. Go to the ocean!
5. Go on a family cruise.
6. Go for a limo ride to see Christmas lights!
7. Plant a tree together as a family and watch it grow.
8. Go camping!
9. Have a "Girl's Day" with Noelle and Halle (all the time)!
10. Have a family trip to see a broadway play.
11. Make a time capsule with the girls that cannot be opened until they are 18 years old.
12. When the girls are older, serve at a local shelter/food shelf/soup kitchen every year.
13. Make homemade ice cream.
14. When the girls are old enough, go to each family member's favorite artist's concert! (Hopefully the girls will follow in mommy's footsteps and we will go see Taylor Swift three times, lol.)
15. Spa weekend with mom!
16. Special getaway weekend with dad!
17. Have the girl's make care packages for children in need.
18. Tour the white house.
19. Release paper lanterns into the sky! (Noelle has actually seen a cousin do this, but she was too young to understand.)
20. Go visit a real castle!
21. Build a library at home!
22. Go to a dive-in movie.
23. Make a family cookbook.
24. Run in a family marathon.
25. As a family, we can sponsor a needy child from a third world country.

Joey & Diana Bucket List!

1. Renew our vows, and have a ceremony that includes the girls!
2. Go to Las Vegas for a kid free weekend!
3. See The Beatles' LOVE Show in Vegas! (We are huge Beatle fans!)
4. Own our own home!
5. Go back to the Dominican Republic with chocolate and cash for the locals! (When we went there in 2009, the locals told us that they were unable to get American candy and that they loved it!)
6. See the Eiffel tower!
7. Go to Germany...
8. ...and Vietnam to see where our ancestor's lived!

Diana's Personal Bucket List!

1. Go to The Ellen Show.
2. Go to a Taylor Swift concert.


  1. Love your bucket list! I also want to go to the Ellen show!
    If you need a homemade ice cream recipe, here is ours that we make every summer:

    1. Just seeing this now! Thanks for the recipe!! :D


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