July 10, 2017

A Wagner Valentine! '17

Oh my, my, my!! I haven't blogged since JANUARY!! It's JULY!!! Well, it was a matter of things that came in between me and my lovely blog: 1. work and 2. no laptop. My trust Mac finally kicked it to the curb after 6 years. Instead of making it a priority to get it fixed or replaced, I just concentrated on work because that in itself was time consuming enough and let the blog go. Well, I'm back and playing major catch up!! Here are some belated Valentine's Day pictures of all my loves!!

Sweet Valentine sweethearts before their Vday at dance!

Before heading off to Noelle's school for Vday!

 Noelle at her preschool Valentine's Day Dinner/Program.

Writing compliments for friends!

Being sassy at sister's school!

Yummy italian on Vday!

Sweetheart sisters!

Love means "being nice." - Noelle

Heart donuts for my valentines!

Mommy and daddy on Vday - celebrating at Chino Latino!

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