November 25, 2014

Wagner Girls Visit Santa!

Monday I took the girls to go see Santa at Rosedale Mall. I was pretty worried about it because for the last two years Noelle has BAWLED upon meeting Santa. This year in preparation for tears and terror I was planning on taking the girls to the Santa Experience at MOA. The Santa there is by appointment, and he takes the time out to talk to your kids, easing them and getting them relaxed for some good photos. I made an appointment for next week and was looking forward to it. However over the weekend Noelle talked about Santa nonstop and was eager to meet him. I didn't know how it would actually go but thought, why not? 

So yesterday since both Noelle and I had the morning off from work/school, I put the girls in their Christmas best and we headed to the mall. Noelle was excited all the way there and even when we got there she was asking me where Santa was. She had lost her bow on the way in so I wanted to stop in a store to buy a new hair accessory for her, and she was so impatient. She begged to go see Santa! I couldn't believe it.

So we went to Santa and WOW. It was great!! Noelle and Santa exchanged waves from afar and then she ran to him and started talking to him right away. He was so great! He was kind, gentle, and asked all the right questions. They exchanged some talk about what Noelle wanted for Christmas (Rapunzel play doh), how she smelled like cookies, and how she was going to be a good girl. She hopped right onto his lap too! I was super surprised because Halle, who is usually SO happy was scared! She whimpered when I put her on his lap and she made some loud protests but never cried! After I started acting like a fool (read: the mom doing jumping jacks and screaming A-BOO! A-BOO!) Halle smiled big!

After the pictures were taken and I was busy paying and holding Halle, Noelle stayed on Santa's lap and they continued to talk and then she gave him the BIGGEST hug. It was SOOO cute!!! I'd say the visit was a great success!!

2012 & 2013 respectively. LOL

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