November 10, 2014

Hello Noelle!! Happy 3rd Birthday!!

On Saturday we celebrated Noelle's birthday with her friend (and some cousins) birthday party. She had asked relentlessly for the past few months for a Hello Kitty party so I tried to throw her the best Hello Kitty party a mama could make! (See all the details here!) We were super lucky that Grandma Shel let us use the dance studio- where I was able to set up her party and use one of the dance rooms!

I set up the back of the studio (appropriately the area without carpet lol) with food, arts and crafts, and a little beauty spa table. I made all the baked goods myself, except for the cupcakes, and wow, I'm not sure I'll ever do that again! Lol. There's a reason why there are bakeries, and a reason why I don't work at one!! From now on it might just be easier (and prettier) if I buy the treats! :)

I was super excited because I had been secretly planning this party for months. I never showed Noelle any of the decorations, the balloons, or favors. I wanted her to walk into her party and be awestruck! I wanted her to exclaim "HELLO KITTY!!!" in excitement! She pretty much did too. She was grinning from ear to ear when she entered, and all the hard work was definitely worth it.

Here's a picture of Noelle shortly after arriving at her party. She was so happy and surprised. <3 <3 <3

 Noelle LOVES getting pampered and having her nails painted. She also loves tattoos (what kid doesn't) and getting her hair sprayed with glitter when we go to the hair salon (Kid's Hair) so I wanted to have that incorporated into her party. Many of the little girls had their mom's or Gracie/Ava paint their nails for them and many of the kids got Hello Kitty tattoos! Vivi even got her toes painted, lol. 

 Harper enjoying the nail polish. She also enjoyed rolling body glitter all over her arms. Haha.

 Noelle also LOVES art, so I had to have that activity table set up as well. I figured if she likes doing that stuff, all her cute little friends would too. Pretty much all the guests were between the ages of 2-4, so it was perfect for them.

 Heather, Staci, Shel, and Grandpa Joe.

Willow enjoying the chocolate dipped marshmallows. (Helllllooo sugar!)

Harper! How adorable is that topknot!?

I used one of the dance rooms for the kids to "party" in. I had her older cousins Parker and Ty DJ and the kids ran around and danced to music and played with balloons. Noelle had so much fun!!

Evan and Harper were a little shy about showing off their dance moves. ;)

Most of the kids loved the dance room though!

I had two structured activities planned, but we only had enough time to do one. We did Pin The Bow on Kitty which was a little unorganized, lol, but fun for the kids! They liked watching each other the most, and also were just happy to be spun around and to stick the bow anywhere. 

These pictures of Myla are fantastic! Jessie really captured the moment!

They were just so cute though. (It only dawned on me AFTER the party that I never told the kids the objective of the game - lol, no wonder the confusion.)


Sweet Anya was the only one who got her bow in the correct spot, so she won two prizes! Everyone else still got to take a prize home! (We can't have any tears or sadness at a party!)

 Allie, Nick, and Lucy! Adorable.

 Halle hanging out with big cousin Gracie! She was very stimulated by the music and the kids running around but as usual, she was a perfect angel.

 I'm always happy to have my friends there who don't even have kids with them, that still come to celebrate with our family. Noelle is a very lucky girl!

 I love these pictures of Anya, Noelle, Ava, and Vivi. Just happiness.

<3 <3 <3 <3

 Evan K. and Evan S. playing together. Love them both.

 I can tell by this very forced smile that Noelle was over getting photographed, lol. Good sport though.

Lucy is our adorable little friend who was born 4 days before Halle!! So sweet.

Evan and Amery couldn't get enough of the art table. Evan and Anya both made a couple Hello Kitty hats. 

 We tried for a kid know how those go. LOL.

There are some tears, some confusion, but also some big, BIG smiles!!! LOVE THE KIDS!!!!

 Not all of them, but some of the cousins!! Yay for family. Love them dearly. Noelle is very blessed to have so many cousins to grow and play with.

Myla opening up her Hello Kitty doll favor!

 I'll always love these boys I nannied. Forever in my heart!

 Daisy and Joe!

A few more snapshots from the party! Gotta love those faces!!


 This picture. Are we serious right now? SO CUTE!!

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday, I really think Noelle felt special! She was beaming and she actually tried to blow out her candle. She's a very, very shy girl, so having attention on her is usually a huge no-no, but she enjoyed everyone singing to her. It was sweet and I'm so lucky my good friend Jessie was able to take all these pictures so I could be beside Noelle.

I felt bad that I had blow out her candle, but we would have been there all night waiting for her lol.

 "Yes you can lick the candle. Do not eat the candle."

 I know everyone likes to see the birthday kid open presents, because of course, you want to see them open up your present, but holy geebers. It was chaotic! Lol. All the kids want to help open the presents, then want to play with them, and also you can't keep birthday cards or presents straight! This may be the last party where we open presents during!

Great! More nail polish, LOL. Oh dear.

I spotted a common theme amongst the presents: Princess, Frozen, Hello Kitty! The guests know Noelle well! :)

 Thank you everyone for the special gifts! Noelle loves everything, honestly! We have already opened and played with everything, and read each book! She loves it all!

Thank you to everyone that was able to come help us celebrate Noelle turning 3 years old! She is a lucky girl to have so many wonderful people in her life! 
Happiest of Birthdays my Noelle! We love you so dearly sweet princess!! Here's to another year of you!! xoxo


  1. The best!! She really is a lucky girl!

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