February 18, 2014

Nesting for the OCD Mama

So, some moms "nest" before their baby comes. This may consist of cleaning the carpets to get rid of mold, dust, and allergens. Or maybe it's washing and folding the new baby's clothes. Or it's working on the nursery. I am all for all of the above, plus, much much more. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to get more organized and boy, have I got plans. I've already started turning my house upside down. I've been on Pinterest A LOT lately collecting great ideas, tips, and advice on how to clean and organize every single thing in my house. I've become rather obsessed but I think it's for a good cause. ;)

I know before I can follow a routine or have structure, I need to get the foundation down. The foundation here is a clean, organized home. At least, more organized. I don't know if I'll ever be one of those awesome moms with beautiful, clean, well run homes, but I'm trying!

Here is my extensive list of "To Do's:" (Crossing things out as I get them completed!)

Laundry Room:
Hang up cleaning utensils. (Broom, mop, etc.)
Clear out "junk."

Organize all cabinets - get rid of unused nonperishables.
Utilize cabinets above fridge.
Clean out fridge.
Clean sink/water stains.
Clean out and organize underneath sink.
Clean out and organize underneath island cabinets.
Swiffer/mop floors.
Wipe down the walls and cabinets.
Clean out junk drawers.
Reorganize junk drawers with organizers.
Clean oven thoroughly.
Clean dishwasher.

Joey's Desk:
Clean out and organize drawers.
Sort out mail divider/sort mail.

Family room:
Wipe down couches.
Vacuum with carpet deodorizer. Again.
Febreeze the place.
Organize the toy baskets.
Hang up the coat hooks.
Organize and clean out the closet. (Should get a couple little baskets for storage.)
Get baskets for underneath the coffee table for storage.

Hang up shelves.
Sort all the toy baskets.
Clear off dressing table - get it ready for baby #2.
Hang up diaper caddy.
Sort toys - put all the unused toys into storage temporarily.

Girl's room:
Utilize the storage (under bed, baskets, shelving, etc.)
Sort and organize all of Noelle's clothes in her drawers.
Rearrange furniture to utilize the most space.
Sort books - get rid of some or store some away for later years.
Reorganize closet.
Add additional storage in closet for baby #2.
Make and hang up baby #2's name on her side of the room.

Scrub all the grout and tiles!
Scrub the tub.  Do it again.
Declog the tub drain.
Scrub toilet.
Clorox everything. Again.
Wipe down mirror.
Reorganize the closet. (Get additional baskets.)
Organize underneath sink.
Organize all the drawers.

Our room:
Reorganize book shelf.
Utilize storage in the large armoire.
Diana's clothes - sort them! Organize.
Diana's jewelry and accessories - sort them. Organize.
Joey's clothes - sort them! Organize.
Our closet - hang, fold, sort. Invest in extra baskets and shelves if necessary.

Utilize storage shelves.
Clean out and organize shelves and bins.
Get another shoe rack - organize shoes.
Possibly invest in cubby and bins for garage.

Vacuum the stairs - and every nook and cranny!
Resort underneath the stair storage.
Dust and wipe down all furniture.
Clean all windows.
Clean and dust all trim.

My goal is to get this all done before baby comes, which is in approximately 5.5 weeks. (And this critter could come early!) Offta! I'm slowly coming back to this master list each day, slowly chipping away! This mama bird has a lot of nesting to do before her baby arrives!

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