November 6, 2012

One Year; Entering Toddlerhood

New things she can do:
Pull herself up and stand unassisted.
 Walk with assistance (from adults or push toys).
Take a few steps all alone!
Sucks baby food out of pouch packets.
Sings (into a microphone and everything).
Stacks cups according to size.
Beginning to sort shapes.
Beginning to use a spoon.
Turns pages in books.
Feeds her baby doll.

New loves:
Push toys.
Climbing on everything.
Her kitchen and play food.
Her baby doll.
Sorting things.
Sensory balls.

New dislikes:
Parents leaving.
Taking medicine.

21 pounds.
30 inches.
Size 4 diapers.
Size 4 shoes.
12-18 month clothes.
6 teeth.

New words:
Mama (finally)!
Baah. (Grandpa.)
Duh. (Dog.)
Cat. (Don't know how or why.)

Hand, foot, mouth disease.
Third ear infection.

Finds hilarious:
Dad getting physically hurt.
Climbing on the stairs.
Dad mimicking her when she cries.
Rolling all over the living room.

New favorite foods:
Grilled cheese.

Terrible thanks to teething.
10-11 hours a night, waking up average of 3x.
1-2 naps a day.
On belly with butt in the air.

Personality traits:

Happy Election Day! 2012

Proud to be Americans and Minnesotans!
The Wagners


One year ago from today I went to the hospital to have my baby two weeks prior to her due date. She came the day before a huge final exam I needed to take and had prayed she would arrive after. While she came literally, right before I wanted her to, she did wait until her Grandma Tuyet flew into town. My mom had arrived Saturday evening at 9 pm, and my water broke Sunday morning at 6 am. This girl inconvenienced her mother, but was still smart enough to wait for Grandma’s arrival. Smart little troublemaker. She’s been this way ever since.

This past year Joey and I have been through the wild roller coaster called Parenthood for the first time. Complete with multiple trips in the first weeks for her jaundice, dealing with her colic for months, acid reflux, dairy and soy allergies, endless hours bouncing her on the yoga ball, hair ripping-tearful phone calls to our parents (me), incoherent screams for mercy in the middle of the night (Joey)...we were about to give her away!

That feeling lasted only for a few minutes each time until she would sigh in her sleep like an angel, then one day smiled, then one day laughed, then one day pulled on our legs and said “dada” or “mama.” While she could (can, to be accurate), be difficult, she also melted our hearts and opened up our eyes and mind to a whole new world. A world where she is the center and we just live for her.

You are our everything. You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us work really, really hard on very little sleep...We wouldn’t trade you in for anything. Thank you for arriving one year ago today and blessing our lives and hearts. You teach us lessons in patience, parenting, and love. Every day with you is the best day ever.
Mommy & Daddy

Happy First Birthday Noelle!

Click here to see pictures from Noelle's First Birthday party!
Click here to see Noelle's One Year Stats!

A Very Happy 1st Birthday Party!

This weekend we held Noelle's First Birthday party! We hosted it at the Shoreview Community Center in one of their banquet rooms, which turned out perfect for our 80 guests. It was Eric Carle ("The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?," etc. author) themed, which turned out really cute! (Here is a link to my more detailed party planning post.)

Eric Carle's books, in case you are not familiar.
The room: With a big, big, thank you to my friends Annie, Gaotah, Dawn, Joey's mom Sue, and aunt Molly we were able to get the room decorated and ready in 1.5 hours! We set the tables around the room leaving a large space in the middle for the kids to play!

Ball pit in the middle of the room was a hit!

The princess' throne.

I also rounded up a bunch of toys from home and brought them to the party room for the kids to have something to do. It was a good call!

The centerpieces.

Here is a banner I made with pictures of her from each month last year.

We hung it over the food table so people had something to look at while they were in line.

The food: We ordered Cold Cut subs, Club subs, B.L.Ts, and three different trays of cookies from Subway, had fruit and veggie trays, Molly's homemade pasta salad, chips, pop, water, juice boxes, and a large crock pot of macaroni and cheese for the little ones! Of course we also had cake; a full sheet cake and a smash cake for the princess.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, appropriately placed at the food table!

The guestbook: I decided to keep the Eric Carle theme going by getting Noelle his book "The Secret Birthday Message" (which is a great book for kids by the way) and have all the guests sign throughout it! It turned out so cute and the birthday surprise at the end turns out to be a dog, which is so fitting since Noelle absolutely LOVES dogs!

Turned out so cute!

The guests: We were so fortunate to be able to celebrate Noelle's first birthday with so many wonderful people! We had all of Joey's family at the party, my parents and aunt, uncle and cousin, and most of our close friends with their young kids at our party. It was a great turnout...Thank you to everyone who was able to make it! We loved seeing you and wish we could have spent more time with everyone!

Mommy with the birthday girl!

Thanks Auntie Gaotah for everything!

With Grandma...apparently yearning for the ballon.


Thank you Molly for everything and all that you do!

Grandma Sue!

Sue and Cory!

Gaotah, Jess, Steve, Heather, Frankie, Annie, Courtney and Allie!

My mom, aunt, uncle, dad, Noelle and cousin TiTi!

Melissa and Sam!

Zoe after indulging in some chocolate chip cookies!

Noelle with cousin Ellie in the ball pit!

Willow scoping out the scene.

Noelle's boyfriend Will!

Lexi enjoying suckers from the centerpieces!

Cute cousin Parker.

Danielle and Lexi.

Gia, Frankie, and Baby #2!

Mr. Gavin enjoying himself immensely in the ball pit!


Sweet Vivi. 

Funny story of the night: While Noelle was eating she started crying and Vivi says to her mom Heather, "I have to go check on Noelle." She returns 5 minutes later, begins to eat her cake sadly and says "Noelle doesn't talk to me." HAHA! 

My mom! Proud Grandma!

Steve and Will!

Heather and Gavin!

Tyler showing Zoe and Charlie how the truck works!

We played a video during the party, which can be watched here.

Present time! Noelle was spoiled with so many wonderful gifts from all her generous and thoughtful family and friends! We are so very fortunate for all of our friends and family who took time out to get something for Noelle. It certainly made her happy. Thank you again sincerely. Here are some pictures from present time...sorry we can't share every single picture! I promise you she loved your gift even if we don't have it pictured here! :)

Beautiful wrap job Suchi and Vineel! (Noelle loves the train and cups by the way! Thank you!)

Gaotah's awesome gift! So creative and cute!

Noelle absolutely loved her stuffed dog from Tyler and Courtney! Thank you guys!

Keys from Will, apparently "to his apartment." Haha!

Thank you to the Pound Family for the Minnie Mouse set! So darling!

Mr. Tyler!

What could this be?



So excited about her baby from Grandma and Grandpa Nguyen!

Notice Lexi and Noelle's hands...haha!

Courtney and Dawn! (And my sweet Anya in the background!)

Thank you Mikkelsons for the awesome book and art supplies!

The Kostichka boys got Noelle some rocker outfits as well as an Ozzy Osborne Hot Wheel car, haha...Noelle LOVES the car! Thank you guys! :)

Her awesome custom Wild Hockey jersey from the Holmboes! So cool, thanks guys!

Thank you to The Wagners and Nik and Erin for all my awesome books! I love adding to my library!

Smash cake time! A big thank you to my friend Carissa, for again, being our awesome photographer who was able to capture so many shots for us that we couldn't. Thanks for your time and skills Carissa!

It was a fun day and we are truly thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us! We have amazing friends and family and want to thank everyone for their time, presence, and gifts! Noelle is a very lucky little girl to have you all in her life! 
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