September 16, 2012

A Mother's Birthday

My Birthdays before: Shopping, getting nails done, buying a new party dress, going downtown for dinner, drinking and dancing until the wee hours in the morning.

My Birthday now: Sleeping in, spending the day outside with Joey and Noelle, taking a family nap, going out to eat with the family, and crying over handmade cards. 

I loved my life before, and I love my life now.

Here are some pictures from my special day:

We stacked two high chairs in order for Noelle to sit at our height. It was awesome!

 Noelle's already looking at the sake menu...we may have a problem on our hands.

Identical twins?

Noelle's reaction to our cook.

"Mommy, are you in there?"

"Mom, that's silly!"

Noelle's turn! 

With my loves on my birthday. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Noelle's adorable card.

Only 10 months and already knows cursive. Very impressive!

Sweet cards from sweet people. Thanks for the love!

Adorable Willow, thanks!

There is no present out there that is better than the love of friends and family. Thanks for a wonderful birthday. Here's to another year!

September 6, 2012

10 Months - Entering Double Digit Territory

Only two more short months before our little booger turns one year old!

New things she can do: 
Drink from a sippy cup successfully.
Climb up stairs.
Turn on/off the TV and DVD player. Sigh. 
Understands "hi" and "bye" and waves accordingly.
Assists in clothing removal.


Current loves:
All Baby Einstein DVDs.
Her grandparents.
Being nude.
Splashing in water.
Playing in her crib.
Dirty shoes.
Her paci giraffe.

Current dislikes:
Getting dressed and diaper changes.
Getting her hands and face washed.
Anything touching her hands. Absolutely no hand holding.
Being told "no."

"Call me maybe?"

19 pounds. (Average.)
29 inches. (Tall.)
Size 4 diapers.
Size 3 shoes. (Tiny feet.)
12-18 month clothes.
2 teeth.

First time being sick! (First ear infection. So sad!) Daddy was sick too.

Trying out some new flavors.

First illnesses (ever):
Ear infection.
Fifth's disease.
Start of pink eye.
- Thank you daycare.

Finds hilarious:
Mom dancing.
Dad hurdling over toys.
Falling down in crib. On purpose.
Being biten all over her arms.
Being barked at.

Favorite foods:
French toast.
Chicken and sausage.
Cereal puffs.

10-11 hours a night.
1-2 naps a day (1-2 hours).
On belly.

Personality traits:
Not scared of anything or anyone. (Except for hair washing.)
Not a picky eater.
Very happy.
Very friendly.

Love you Noelle Belle! Happy 10 Months!

Other recent events:

September 5, 2012

Wrapping Up A Busy Summer!

August proved to be a huge month for The Wagner's as we were super busy with activities and changes.

We all had to adjust to our new family life as Noelle started school/daycare and I started working again. It was a huge adjustment for all of us as it changed the family dynamics as well as our schedule. Joey and Noelle bonded so much this past month as he would pick her up from school early each day and spend majority of the day with her. He also brought her to the doctor's office a few times alone, which he had the pleasure of never having to experience before. He quickly saw and appreciated all the things I did that once had gone unnoticed! I also was forced to let go of most of my fears of having someone else care for my child and adjust to her being away from me. Although not easy, it was a nice learning experience for all of us this past month.

Here's a great picture of us during our photo shoot. (Click for more pictures!)

One thing Noelle and I miss incredibly is how often we used to see our friends! Harrison and Frankie used to be over at our house weekly, so it was a sad and hard adjustment to see them go. However we got really lucky and had Frankie sleep over one night! It was Noelle's first "slumber party" and it was a great success! :)

Frankie & Noelle having their first sleepover! Complete with snacks and Baby Einstein!

Speaking of parties, we also celebrated our friend Will's first birthday this past month, as well as Joey's Grandma Ethel's birthday up in Pine City. Both celebrations were awesome!

Jess & the Birthday Boy!

Noelle trying to open up Will's presents for him!


"This party is awesome. Thumbs up!"

Ava & Noelle at Grandma Ethel's party! Summer beauties!

Mommy, Noelle, and baby relaxing.

Grandma Ethel. Still lively as ever! :)

Enjoying the water up in Pine City.

Pretty cousin Alyssa!

Alyssa, Ellie, Samantha and Austin driving the golf cart around!

We wrapped up the summer with another trip up to the cabin with family which was relaxing, fun, and hot. Noelle had a fun time with her cousins four wheeling, swimming in the lake and pool, and playing with the dogs.

Ray and Parker ready to go fishing!

Mille Lacs all calm and beautiful.

The guys going out; Ray, Don, Jim and Parker!

Parker with his fish that he caught!

The girls with their babies!

The kids wearing "diapers."

Here's a video of the kids jumping off the dock.


Ellie and Noelle driving the four wheeler around!

Her "pool" for the weekend.

Feeding Bentley. She would alternate by having one piece for herself and then give a piece to the dog. 

Here's to a summer already come and gone! Can't wait for next summer! :)
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